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Will I need a building permit to install a solar energy system in my home?
Yes. We will obtain building permits to install your solar system. Similarly, electrical codes also apply. RGE Corp professionals will include the cost of permits in their estimate.We will do the work so you won't have to worry.

I've been told that my house isn't oriented properly for solar panels. Does that mean I can't benefit from the RGE system?
Solar panels are frequently not mounted to the roof in the RGE System. That means that the orientation of the house and the condition of the roof will not necessarily disqualify a home owner from taking advantage of the green energy and security this system offers.

How much maintenance do solar energy panels require?
The solar panels require little maintenance – no need to wash or dust.
However, it is important to place the panels where they will remain clear of debris and shade. You will have to clear them of leaves or snow.
The RGE system requires 3-4 panels that are preferably placed in the yard at standing height. That means this type of cleaning is very easy.

Do I need special home owner's insurance?
Standard homeowner’s insurance policies usually cover electric utility requirements.

How is RGE System different from other conventional solar systems?
RGE utilizes two sources of renewable, green energy.
RGE offers greater energy independence and security due to the consistent green energy it generates 24/7 off the grid.
RGE has a small footprint (3-4 panels) comparing to conventional solar systems.
RGE offers flexibility. Panels can be placed anywhere on the property where they will get the most sunlight.
RGE offers a 80%—90% energy savings.
RGE provides greater ROI (Return on Investment) due to the energy stored and not return to the grid.