About Us

The RGE in RGE Corp stands for
Ramdas Green Energy.

The RGE System was developed by D. Ramdas (Ram) to serve the electrical needs for a single family home. Weather conditions, natural disasters, and an over-taxed power grid result in blackouts, brownouts, and power outages.

As an Aeronautical engineer, Ram wanted to find a better way to produce green electrical energy for homes. He also wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of each home, so he set out to find a way to use renewable, natural resources.

He combined gravity and solar technology into a renewable electric system. This system uses the natural forces of the planet and will benefit home owners, by allowing them to have their own energy source on their property in addition to consuming and producing energy independent of the city's power grid.

The energy is free. Get your share!

RGE Mission Statement

RGE was created to achieve residential energy independence. We believe in tapping clean, green energy from renewable energy sources to achieve energy independence and security. Our hybrid energy system uses gravity and solar to generate electric energy. No fossil fuels are used at all.

Along with the founder, D Ramdas, who is an aeronautical engineer, we are military veterans, and public educators who are dedicated to improve the world. Our goal is to help and educate our customers on the importance of energy security for their families.

We are not just committed to customer education and the environment. We believe that a truly independent minded American starts his/her independence with energy independence. We also believe in working with local organizations to improve our communities by supporting American manufacturing.

We have a great team.

Let us help you achieve your independence.